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Mighty M.lkology
It's Not Milk!

Short excerpt from animation by Gabriella Jardine

In February 2022, I was approached by local agency: FullHD to lead a small team to create the 30" brand PSA for an alternative milk brand in the UK: Mighty M.lkology. Their campaign message being that their product is 100% NOT MILK, even though it may taste like the real thing.

I recruited Jaco Haasbroek for illustrations and myself & Lené van Heerden handled the animation.

Combining frame-by-frame, motion graphics and even a bit of 3D animation, we created a fast paced and eye-catching TVC for the brand that we were all really proud of.

Have a look at some still frames, along with the full animation below.


Animation - Breakdown


Animation - Full 30" TVC

Client: MIGHTY
Agency: fullhd

Art & Animation Direction: Gabriella Jardine

Illustration: Jaco Haasbroek

2D Animation: Gabriella Jardine, Lené van Heerden

3D Animation: Gabriella Jardine, Lawrence Jaeger

A fun illustration inspired by the initiative "Girls Can Skate South Africa" and my friend Kate's killer style.

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