Maersk, a global container logistics company, runs internal ideation workshops each year. Teams are formed and tasked to come up with creative solutions for day-to-day problems they face in the business. I was chosen to illustrate for two of those teams. They each got 3 illustrations demonstrating, the problem, solution and outcome of their idea.

1. Problem

Team Track-Her identified that there was a lack of information support from the Marine Cargo team

to the Customer Service team. This was affecting the team's ability to keep the clients informed.

2. Solution

Their idea was to offer timely schedule information to Commercial teams via live feed.

3. Outcome

The outcome of implementing this system would allow the Customer Service team to proactively

relay information to clients, building better internal and external trust relationships.

I also created these logos for them to use in their presentation.

This team won third place and their system will be implemented next year!

1. Problem

Team FL_OW identified the lack of signage and direction in their building. Their offices are open-plan making it unclear where the different departments are. Additionally, people are rearranged often which makes it difficult to locate someone.

2. Solution

Their idea was to have physical signage that separated the different departments and directed you to where they were.

Plus a digital system with a floor plan that could be update when things changed.

3. Outcome

This could help anyone navigate the 2 floors of the Maersk building much easier, and locate people in a timely fashion.

A fun illustration inspired by the initiative "Girls Can Skate South Africa" and my friend Kate's killer style.

©2020 by Art of Gabriella Jardine