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Gyaldem Presents: Peace, Love & Bass


In June of 2022, myself and 3 other women got together to form the collective known as Gyaldem Massive.

All 4 of us have design related jobs by day, and DJ, the dance music genre: drum & bass, by night (or rather by weekend). 
We realised that there was a need for a female-focused drum and bass event in Cape Town, South Africa,

where we all live, so we decided to make it happen!


We decided that the event should be a fundraiser and worked with two Non Profit Organisations in the Anti Gender-Based Violence space: Women Making Change International & Post 2 Parliament.

Together, these two initiatives are working to appeal for the inclusion of anti gender-based violence awareness and education into the national schooling curriculum, here in South Africa. Already, a similar program has been implemented in Kenya, with amazing results, so we were thrilled at the idea of being a part of making this happen in our country!

We went on to plan, organise, illustrate, design and animate our way into this male-dominated space, and we weren't afraid to keep things proudly feminine! 

The event was held on Saturday the 17th of September and it was a hit! We raised a total of R4 400 for the organisations.

Marketing the event ended up being a wonderful excuse to do a collaborative design project and below are the fruits of our labour. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did creating them <3


Frame-by-frame Intro

Instagram reel

Artist Images


Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed.png

Art Direction: Tayla Rowell, Gabriella Jardine

Illustration: Gabriella Jardine

Design: Tayla Rowell

Copy & Social Media Wizard: Lois Schwartz

Animation: Gabriella Jardine, Debbie Potgieter

A fun illustration inspired by the initiative "Girls Can Skate South Africa" and my friend Kate's killer style.

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