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Bash App Animations


I had the great privilege of creating the animations for the recent launch of The Foschini Group's new retail app called "Bash".

I was given the wonderful illustrations, created by Spanish illustrator, Miguel Angel Camprubi, and asked to make Lottie compatible animations from them.

It was quite a task creating dynamic walk cycles that had very little rigging involved, so they could be converted to Lottie without complication. This involved a lot of path animation in After Effects, and although I created a basic leg & hip system using Limber, I had to trace over those later to turn them into shapes for Lottie export.

On top of that, each character had to have an individual walking style, with different leg lengths, but still be able to walk forward as a group together without wandering off too far. All character animators know how difficult it is to get those feet to stop from sliding! They weren't perfect by any means, but I was very proud of what I did in the short time I had :)

It was a great challenge that I learnt so much from and can't wait to tackle something like this again soon!


Client: The Foschini Group - Bash App

Illustration: Miguel Angel Camprubi

Animation: Gabriella Jardine

A fun illustration inspired by the initiative "Girls Can Skate South Africa" and my friend Kate's killer style.

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