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Meet the Artist


Gabriella is a freelance illustrator and animator hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. She has been working in the motion design industry for 9 years and has been independant for 5 of those.


Her passion for character driven stories and content comes through in both her personal and client work, focusing mainly on character design, rigging and animation. She loves everything illustrative and 2D, especially traditional 2D animation which she was originally trained in, and recently started incorporating into her personal and client work.

She thrives in an art or animation director role, where she sees the bigger picture and leads small teams to achieve it with great efficiency and communication. 


Her most recent adventure is organising and co-hosting the only Motion Design meetup event in South Africa, called “Motion Design - CPT”. This is a bi-monthly event where Cape Town motion designers can listen to industry talks and demos, mingle and network with other people in the industry. Since Gabriella is a social butterfly and an absolute sucker for a to-do list, this fits her personality and mission perfectly - which is to bring people together and grow the South African Motion Design industry. 

Have an idea for your next project?

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A fun illustration inspired by the initiative "Girls Can Skate South Africa" and my friend Kate's killer style.

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